Surfers Against Sewage – Print Promotion

SAS tackles marine litter on the beaches, targets polluting industries and lobbies Government for more holistic action. “There’s still plenty to be done to prevent the plastic tide on our beaches and we need your help to make it happen. If you want to help SAS clean up the UK’s coasts, the best way to show your support is to become a member“.

If you sign up to become a member before midnight on the 3rd of May 2010, and quote ‘Print’; in the special offer box you could receive one of these Steve McPherson limited edition screen prints.

The text at the bottom of the prints reads: “49 marine plastic objects, found on various beaches around the British Isles, from Margate to the Shetland Isles during 2000-2007. This group of finds have been collected and collated into a taxonomy of objects that sea gulls and other marine birds pecked at, to relieve the monotony of tidal routine”.