Liv Magazine ‘Plastic Beach’ Article

Last year I was contacted by Bill Dunn former editor of the men’s magazine GQ, who wanted to do an article on my work with marine/beach plastic debris. So he came on a stormy day, along with the photographer Andrew Shaylor (who currently has an exhibition ‘Rockin’ (The Rockabilly Scene) at the national Theater). We had a great day at the beach dodging the showers, finding plastic and chatting about¬† Margate, plastic pollution, traveling and photography.

So a few months have now passed and in the post on Friday came a couple of copies of the Swedish LIV magazine. A magazine that is created for Volvo, and which is sent to 1.5 million Volvo customers in 75 countries and printed in 30 different languages. Phew! its strange to think that potentially over a million people worldwide will get to see me and my work, (though to be fair the portrait shot isn’t the most flattering, never mind. Andrew took a much better one that he wanted them to use, which can be seen at the ‘General’ Portraits section of his website¬† Regardless of that, I am really happy with the article and the moody shot of Epple Bay with the Turner sky that was more incredible in the flesh than in the photo, but so typical of this coastline.