Booth collection 10th Anniversary Exhibition

Booth collection 10th Anniversary Exhibition



From the 25th June until 14th August a small show at the Bonhoga Gallery on the Shetland Isles, will be celebrating 10 years of artists using the Booth(pics and location shot above)at Scalloway for artists residencies.

I was luck enough to be awarded a residency at the Booth on Shetland in 2003. My time was spent mainly in awe of the magnificent landscapes carved by the sea and elements. Typically I walked, photographed, beach combed, plundered conversations, and re-invented and re-constructed maps. The results of which can be found at It took little time, of the my three month stay, to fall in love with the islands and its friendly people, i went back the next year, and then in 2006 my wife and I decided to get married on Shetland. I still miss its beauty and long for another return.finds_on_table

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