Hamburg based Segel Journal article

German sailing magazine ‘Segel Journal’ published a small article on my work in their latest edition. Google translation below images, so may not be quite

Steve McPherson is one of the hottest artists in England. And everything he does for his works are extensive beach walks. He collects plastic waste that is washed up on the beach, and turns them into cheerful, colorful collages. The 37-year-old lives in the coastal town of Margate, for the already William Turner, the master of the 19th Light Century has raved. "I am a beachcomber," McPherson says of himself. When his bucket is full, he returns to his studio, cleans the finds and arranges them into collages that work surprisingly pleasant – although they are based on civilization but waste. Whether lollipop sticks, toy ammunition, Legos or Smarties cap: They all can make a moving work of art. "My work is contemporary archeology," says McPherson. Meanwhile, he also has a blog, in which all can participate by uploading photos of the found on the beach plastic waste. What’s striking about the artist: he is colourblind.