‘An Undesirable Archive’ at Hydromemories

A couple of images of my Photographic work ‘An Undesirable Archive’, from the Hydromemories exhibition (an interdisciplinary artistic project on the theme of water)
exhibition02_Hydromemories_lagrottaSML McPherson_Hydromemories_lagrottaSML
TURIN 2012 at the Museo Regionale Di Scienze Naturali
“Hydromemories in Turin was curated by Irina Novarese and A.Titolo, in collaboration with the NGO CISV (Comunitá Impegno Servizio Volontariato) and the Berlin and Turin Engineers without Borders groups, with the aim of gathering funds for CISV’s “Rouwa! Water Wells in Niger” program (a total of €655 was raised during the exhibition).
“Invited artists:
Felipe Aguila, Silke Bauer & Viola Thiele, Jung-Ki Beak, Daniela Bozzetto, Sabine Delafon, Dominic Hislop, Cynthia Hooper, Zoltan Kunckel, Steve McPherson, Isola & Norzi, Francesco Ozzola, Bhagwati Prasad, Alessandro Quaranta, Riiko Sakkinen, Kinya Shiraishi.