IMPORT/EXPORT Exhibition, Finland/Sweden

Happy to be part of the Magneetti Import/Export exhibition.

“Import/Export will illuminate the many forms of borders and the varied methods of crossing them. All the artworks engage with the subject in different ways, exploring ideas such as the environment, and the movement of people, objects, or immaterial products such as culture, ideas, or emotions. The works include photographs, video, soundscapes, and installations.”

The artworks will be exhibited in empty business locations in the area. The gallery spaces are Kauppakatu 12 and Länsiranta in Tornio, and Storgatan 73 in Haaparanta. Two screenings of additional works will be held in Aine Art Museum, and an installation will also be constructed on the border between Finland and Sweden. The exhibiton takes place from 15–30 November, 2013.