Gyre – The Plastic Ocean, Anchorage Museum, Alaska. Images

An really pleased to be able to share some of the images from the  ‘Gyre – The Plastic Ocean’, at The Anchorage Museum at Rasmuson Center in Alaska. The fantastic exhibition brings together artists from all over the world who use marine plastic litter, beach plastic, ocean plastic, or plastic pollution debris, what ever you want to call it, as a material and subject of their work.  The exhibition continues until September 6th 2014.

Below are a number of images from the exhibition (GYRE exhibition at the Anchorage Museum, photographs by Chris Arend), a couple of screen grabs from a news article (with their logo in the corner), and some close up images of a couple of the works that are on show for those of us too far away to get to see the works in situ. If you would like more info regarding these works then click here Marine Plastic for the pages of my website