‘Detach Dis-locate Drift’ text – for As the Crow Flies

As The Crow Flies Steve Mcpherson stickers

Find below the text and image of my contribution to Emrys Plants Exhibition ‘As the Crow Flies’  last October.

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Detach Dis-locate Drift

I move between places.

From one state to another.

Anticipated by travel, carried on a system with noted significant departures and noted significant arrivals I am a passenger.

We escapees, where one destination bleeds and leads to another, and in-between I and we are no-where and somewhere continually.  We overflow and intersect through chosen destinations that draw us deep in to undetermined zones and  hinterlands.

In this linear realm my body waits for the push, waits for the pull, is weighted  by the drag, by inertia. All aboard all bored.

Guided and gliding on parallel lines we cut an invisible mark along the scar of the earth, where the terrain decides, dictates and directs our manoeuvres.

There is no reference or sign that can equate to our experience – no map or detail that can provide insight to what lies ahead and to what we leave behind.

Through the landscape we are at once located and dislocated,  purposeful and with intent yet without influence to determine the route of our eventuality.

Pulled back into the journey, detachment rejoins attention like waking from sleep.


Time stretches horizontally where fleeting landscapes blend.

Find focus on the foreground and rest in the background, whilst land swells and stutters, curves and slips away to merge in succession. Architecture collides and coalesces,  is absorbed by vegetation that gains momentum, gathers and disperses into the liquid periphery of our wake.

We nonexistent so too blur into streams and ribbon streaks that cluster and fold in on themselves. Suspended in non-time our thoughts move from inside to the inside, from outside to inside, and return to fill the time to fill the space of non-located duration.

In rhythm I dissolve in the mechanical, interlope within the industrial and slide with countryside that enters into the immediate and surges, pulses and spreads. I re-surface in the overflow and detach from the unfolding landscape, fragmented in the present – preoccupied – phasing in and out of viscous topography.

Submerged in the action of the vehicle, immersed in the moment, clearing congestion.


We are always in-between states and where the journey ceases we continue. We do not stop,  we move through  mechanical to biological – biological to mechanical,  physical to cerebral,  back and forth, tracing a journey.

A trace of a journey.

We travellers navigated with purpose, with measured durations and distances, come ever closer to horizons that fall in increasing rapidity, and slip away faster that we can move.

Steve McPherson Oct 2014