Artillery Magazine: Cut Paper, Consuming Plastic; Cold Steel, Colder Flesh

Artillery Magazine

A nice little write up about my work in the Grye exhibiton: Web link here

‘Cut Paper, Consuming Plastic; Cold Steel, Colder Flesh’  by Ezrha Jean Black ·

There are, not surprisingly, a number of works that can be categorized as ‘inventories.’ Steve McPherson is essentially a sculptor and installation artist, but his relatively small works here are touchstones in their documentation of the way materials become simple objects and instruments to be integrated into the machinery of life and culture. “28 Objects that Measured the World” (2010) consists of fragments of rulers, scales and straight-edges – all in plastic, mostly found on an English seashore.

There’s a simplicity, almost a purity, to some of these inventory pieces that goes to the diseased heart of the human condition – the fundamental (and possibly fatal) flaw in our relationship to materials, to objects; to instrumentation and instrumentality; and finally to the physical, natural world and the culture itself.


Artillery Magazine